1. The two video games I ended up playing were, “Papers, Please” and “The Walking Dead”.  A common theme I notice between the two games is decisions and consequences. In both games the storyline or narrative is heavily dependent on the decisions that are made by the gamer. In terms of the walking dead, your deciding directly affects undetermined consequences. Similarly, in “Paper, please”, you are a immigration officer and depending on your decision the safety of your country can be in jeopardy.


  1. The game, ”Paper, please”, intends to teach-based on my experience- it’s audience to pay attention to details. In addition, it makes the consequences of your decisions very transparent. Virtually, it gives you a number of responsibilities. In order to guarantee safety; you as the player have to question everyone and only trust his/her documents (passport, papers).  Despite, the unique narrative, my gaming approach remained the same afterwards.
  2. In “The Walking dead”, after the initial theme (zombie apocalypse), many other themes become prevalent. One theme in particular that aroused, is trust. Since the player is allowed to choose what is being said/done the way the narrative unfolds can drastically change based on what is said/done. Furthermore, a zombie apocalypse is occurring in this game so it’s kind of crucial that the main character is trusted. Friendships are key to survival.



  1.  A zombie apocalypse is well suited for a movie or video game but less believable in real life. However, the narrative in “Papers, please” is very possible. The player is a immigration officer. One thing I did notice in terms of limitation of narrative is in the walking dead the main character could only explore certain places. However, that’s more of a physical limitation in narrative. In papers please you’re limited to a desk so the narrative is extremely limited.


  1. The inherent value in playing a narrative game is having the option to –in a way – determine or at least affect the outcome of the narrative. The player has little control of how the narrative will develop. I think the game designer intended on making the game more engaging for the player. The more control and decisions the player has the more involved the player becomes.

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