A standard theme between Papers Please and The Walking Dead is the immersion of the player into the game. I believe that the goals of games are to make the user and the character in the game, one.


a. I believe that Papers Please shows you how some people are forced to make decisions that they do not necessarily like. You are forced to prevent some deserving people into the country so that you and your family can survive. I think it teaches you how some jobs are dehumanizing. The narrative forced me to be very picky on who I let in.


c. Initially, you are solely focused on how you are going to survive and then you become concerned with other characters in the game such as the little girl. I think that one of the themes is learning how to work with someone else in order to accomplish a greater goal.


2. I believe that the narrative gives perspective on the game play. It can give details to why you are doing what you are doing. This embedded narrative could be a movie but the player would be more interested in it if his actions dictated the story.


3. If there were no narrative in a game, then there would be little reason to play it. Being able to dictate the story gives the player a greater motivation. There is also an emotional connection with your character.

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