1. In both the games I played, Papers, Please and The Walking Dead, one theme I noticed play a big role was decision making. In each game, pretty much every decision the player made while playing had some sort of effect on the story. Another aspect that extends from the first one was the fact that time played a role in both games. The amount of time the player used when playing the game seemed to also have an effect on how the player experienced the story.


a)     The game Papers, Please was definitely a unique one. I thought the purpose wasn’t to make people learn what it is like to be an immigration officer, but rather experience some of the decision making they must face and the repercussions that come with mistakes made while on the job. I think it is simple in terms of controls, but the narrative gives the overall story much more depth and allows the player to think a lot more about what they are actually doing in the game besides just pushing buttons.

c)      We can relate to the characters in The Walking Dead in terms of their fear of the zombie apocalypse and the tough decisions made that are necessary for survival. So I think knowing the ultimate price is death depending on the player’s decisions, puts a lot more pressure on the player and creates a way more intense vibe that the story is trying to instill. You can tell by the dark tone of the gameplay and the small amount of time allowed for players to make decisions, having to make multiple split-second decisions.

  1. For both games, there is some sort of chronological story provided that the user must play through to find out the part of the story that follows. Without the narratives included, the games would each lose their meaning, thus losing their appeal. The story is the reason why the user plays the game, it gives them a reason to play through challenges and make clever decisions. This wouldn’t be possible in print or other forms of storytelling.
  2. I think this way of storytelling is very clever in that it requires involvement of the user. One could simply read a story or watch a story. But to have actual involvement in the story and how it ends up, depending on decision making and other aspects of gameplay, is special. It connects the user to the story allowing them to make it their own, while still providing an overall layout to the narrative. This sort of storytelling makes it more appealing to those who do not find much interest in just hearing or watching a story.
Game Writing Assignment Ajani Santos

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