Deondre Coston & Rachel Fredey

The website serves as a database for metaphors, storing, organizing and analyzing metaphors from numerous time periods. In addition, the website helps scholars/researchers discover new metaphors from a familiar time period, literature, or author. The “humanistic problem” here is the absence of readily available metaphors in a convenient place. The process, for scholars/researchers, in trying to collect data can be laborious and exhausting, so a website such as The Mind is a Metaphor can be very favorable. Moreover, the study of this historical literary device can reveal truths about religion, topics such as government and architecture of their respective times, as well as characteristics about specific genres of text such as prose and drama. The technologies allow for the establishment of metaphors as a category in themselves. The creator hopes to house a wide range of these into one database. So far, he has collected and filed a large scope of textual sources, ranging from the years 1660 to 1819. He describes the overall project as a form of a “relational database,” arrayed in the phpMyAdmin. The metaphors are easily accessed through the detailed search engine. Keywords will lead the user to metaphors specific to time periods, text formats, religions and more. Encoding and sharing snippets speaks to what the creator considers a modern characteristic of how we read today.However, its separation and organization of time periods appear general, vague, and difficult to navigate. While the site could be suitable for a market(audience) of high school students, its current form limits its users to users who have extensive knowledge in the field or prior details about time periods; such as the industrial revolution and the Age of Sensibility. If the website’s design and display were clearer the website’s audience would expand.The creator was supported by the skills and knowledge of colleagues and friends beginning at his career at Stanford and extending into his post graduate life. He sought assistance in creating the files and database for his piece, and pulled resources from various other archives. The compilation is not complete but he has a great deal of metaphors he’s in the process of uploading and plans to continue to expand his archive of metaphors.


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