Digital Humanities is an intersection between technology and scholarship. Computing helps us better understand and do scholarship, while also enhancing our understanding of how we can effectively use technology. DH aims to make the findings in humanities scholarship more accessible and useable. DH is the field that addresses how we can reconcile our mostly analog scholarship habits with an entirely digital twenty first century. DH is incredibly collaborative, bringing together sources and information that would otherwise be lost or obscure. Learning through DH involves the use of many types of sources. A combination of text, pictures, and video creates a much more engaging and insightful experience for the user. In addition, DH emphasizes the aesthetic component of information and its presentation. Through this, the user is encouraged to consider what it might like to be a part of an event, or to experience artifacts that would otherwise be inaccessible. For example, “Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives” brings a sensory experience that gives the reader a glimpse of what it really would be like in one of those labor camps.



Jackson Graves

Mirsadies Raber-Dunning

Alec Karanikolas

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