1. The files are a combination of personal photos as well as work files, but the photos are disorganized within the folder. Some of the files are hyper-organized and some of the photos and files are just untitled within the folders. There are many files that have passwords and that are corrupt within the folders as well.
  2. The creator of the archive named and arranged the files in a very random order, nothing seems to fit together, but it is very obvious that she was located in Moscow at a fitness center at some point within her journey. The majority of the labels are very vague and inconsistent. The creator also pinpointed Paris on a map as well.
  3. The creator is a New York times journalist that is working on the story of Russian Hackers trying to steal the data of people within the United States. In the person’s “bio”, her name is stated and in another file, an email address links her to being a journalist. The creators name is Susan and her husbands name is Roger. Susan seems very clearly concerned about her personal information being seen as well.
  4. The investigation leads would be very important to preserve for the long term, any of her correspondents and email files. Files such as Julie’s first birthday movie, and other random documents that are randomly organized and randomly titled within her usb drive.
  5. .Calendar, email, photos, map, Google drive, packing list

6. Some of the items are encrypted or have passwords. There are many documents that cannot be opened or files with nothing in them. Additionally, there are documents that require special programs to open. There are also files that are corrupt within their folders.

7.The records are disorganized because the folder names do not always describe what is inside. There are also random files in no order. Giving descriptive file names that are in some kind of order can help keep users organized. Changing the name of the folder called New folder into personal information and creating a schedule folder would increase organization.

8. The folders should have some kind of consistent order that makes sense. For example, having a movies folder that contains all of the movie files. Keeping the folders in alphabetical order would make finding individual files much easier to future lookers. Similarly, making sure there are no random files without belonging to a descriptive folder would make finding things easier.


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